Joining a Studio.

I’ve never been in a professional booth before, but I have been inside a studio, and the experience was interesting. I never thought it to be so quiet and isolated. When I first stepped up to the microphone, I put on my headphones and spoke. The sound was so crisp and clear, you could hear the changes in the tone of my voice. I asked the guy on the outside of the booth to put on some music. He put on this frantic, dark but almost comical beat, and I just froze I had no idea how to rap, or how to read the tone of the music to come up with a theme. I was rather embarrassed, and disappointed in myself.

When I was in the ninth grade, I started writing rhymes, trying to make them as complex as possible. At first, I had no skill, or idea how I wanted to sound. My skills for freestyling were horrid and made no sense. One day a friend of mine asked me if I could rhyme a certain amount of words. One of them being orange. At first I had no idea how I was going to try this out. Should I use a beat or should I just go with what rappers call, “acapella?” It sucked really bad. But throughout the years, I began to get better and better. One day while sitting in class, I was approached with the idea of going to a studio. But what would I say? What would I talk about? Most of it would probably be a freestyle. But if I were to write something of meaning, it would probably sound like this:

Step father bounced out the house

and now hes on meth

and I don’t see my mom anymore

because my mom left

told her to take a break from drugs

take a long rest

cause she cant say a sentence without

taking prolonged breaths


“get some help,

drop the drugs, go to rehab”

she told me that was one of the

stupidest things that she had,

to hear,

and let me tell you its hard livin

in fear not knowin if your mom if

your mom is still angry from drinkin

a beer


“alright Alex, we’ll be back home

sooner than nine”

then end up being gone for days

from doin a line

sorry let me correct that, more like

two at a time

and thats why im livin down here

doin just fine


And I didn’t leave my house cause I decided

shit was too tough

I left my house cause stupid bitches

like to shoot up

“But Alex wait come back!

I stopped, I quit the rest”

til i get there and she relapses

on crystal meth


with loads of drugs in the house

like piles galore

so thats what happened to 60,000

in child support

Id be happier if half of that went to

a filed divorce

but then again who wants to show

up to a bunch of trials in court?


The Struggle.

My parents are not the nicest, nor the most respectable people I know. It hurts me and another to know that they can be so rude as to talk nothing but trash. Screw that, if they want to tell me how immature I am for being with someone, why don’t you take a look at your wife Dad? I mean how can she be so rude and expect me to show respect when, “I’m the problem”? If I’m the problem, then how can I show respect? I can’t, because problems don’t show respect, but, if she is the one talking crap and showing disrespect then do the math, she’s the problem. You have no idea how much it urinates me off that I have to be more mature than my own father. I’m just dating her and if she was a problem, then I would leave, but guess what “Mr. I’m So Mature”, you’re married to that codpiece. And for her to tell me what path I’m going down, is going down the wrong path.And to judge my sweet love with looks is hypocritical.

So I thought I would just give you some advice and tell your wife that just because you put makeup on a pile of excrement doesn’t make it any prettier. Sorry it had to come down to this, but you look like a butt-nugget because that’s what you are for saying such things. Maybe one day we can see past our differences and grow up. I enjoyed being with a family that was honorable, and respectful. If you don’t like the way she looks, she looks the same as on facebook, and you could have told me before I brought her to that prison, which of course wouldn’t change the way I feel about her. It just changes the way I think of you. Its nice being so high up that you have a great view of it all, but it’s sad that I have to look down on my own parents. I know that I’ve grown up from this situation, because not only does it show me who I come from, but it shows me how not to act when I barely know someone. I hope this wasn’t too sour, because it is a taste of your very own medicine.

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Writing a blog

Throughout this quarter and last, we have had to write/type a certain amount of informative blogs that provide information, or a personal opinion upon a subject. The challenge is coming up with a subject that can have meaning or influence. When a subject is in mind, make sure it is not too controversial, because even though you may be stating opinions, you can be offensive if the wrong wording is at use. When writing I like to ask, how is this going to help me? How is this going to help others? Why does it matter? Formulating answers to these questions may help you come up with an idea or subject that can have an effect.

After posting a blog, if people comment on it, don’t get offended if their opinions differ from yours, that’s the point of a blog. Being able to access each other’s opinions online and learn from it, can turn out to be a real experience. Of course with every blog, there are two sides to a controversial post, if you feel like your opinion isn’t heard, it most likely will be seen by others and taken into consideration.

One may ask, where is the line that shouldn’t be crossed between professionality and non-appropriate topics? Honestly, it depends on the audience that you may be trying to reach, and what their interests are. What do you want them to get out of your post? If you want people to take you seriously, then sarcasm or unprofessional posts may not be key or an idea that may have an effect. Sometimes it is a good plan to compromise personal opinions when there is a possibility of offending an audience.

From this post I hope others have been motivated to come up with posts under confidence.

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When planning on going for a hunt, I always think to myself, what am I going after? Sure as hell not everything, so it must be a certain type of animal. When people that are overly passionate about the environment hear the word “hunting” or “hunt”, they often think that hunters go out and just have a wha-whoo killing the crap out of everything they see. This sickens me to a point because if hunters would to do that, then hunting would be illegal or there would be no hunting. Why? Because everything would be dead…but its not that way. When hunting at over the age of 16 or 17 in most states, teens/adults must have a hunting license, as well as a permit. When they take themselves and others out to hunt, its usually for an experience, or food. I myself, love hunting, and have done it my whole life, for experience, but mostly for food, and for the furs. There are a lot of people that live in many areas in Alaska that don’t have a grocery store that may supply them with certain foods. But they are in luck because they happen to have a fire, a cabin/house and a rifle. With these three (main) objects, you’re more inclined to hunt and get the food for yourself.

“But what if the animal suffers?”

Shoot it twice , if that doesn’t work add a third. But the skilled hunter should know where to aim on an animal and know that suffering is not the cause. I wrote this post to say that even if you are taking a life, its for the benefit in yours. If you don’t take it, another animal will, or if it dies of old age, it feeds the scavengers, the bugs, or even the funguses that may grow there.

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Airguns are a type of weapon that is not considered a firearm, but can produce damage-like effects. They are used for outdoor/indoor sports, hunting, or just for entertainment. When using a pellet gun, which can fire a .177 cal, a .22 cal, .25 cal or a .45 caliber, it is recommended that one looks at the types of guns and how they work, and how their performances may vary. Because these are gas powered, you can expect to look for a reading in fps. (feet per second) for example, when shooting a gun that is a pump action rifle, expect no more than about 800 fps. This rifle would be good for pest control, but not medium to large game hunting. If you have a break barrel, expect anywhere from 650 fps to 1400 fps. that means this rifle moves a certain sized pellet a one thousand four hundred feet in one second. I have a pistol that I use for pest control, and it only shoots at 480 fps, and it will penetrate about 200 pages of a yellowpages phonebook. So imagine the power the rifle produces. Here is a list of certain types of guns with different actions and how they work.

Types of airguns:

PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) not the other one…




PCP: A pcp air rifle is an air rifle that comes pre-charged, usually with CO2 or O2 canisters that may come with, or built into the gun. When shooting these, it is recommended that one takes notice to a decreased velocity and knows when the gun may be low on air. Some guns come with a large tank integrated into the rifle, whereas others come with removeable tanks that come pre-filled. When dealing with an air rifle that comes with an integrated tank, it may require a refill every some-odd amount of shots.

airforce_talon_pcp.jpg (676×441)


A pump-action air rifle requires no refills of air, but slight effort and well put shots for efficiency. when loading one of these you can:

A. pump up the gun using the handle under the barrel, then load the round into the receiver and fire.

B. load the round into the receiver, then pump up the gun. (note.) When pumping up one of these, the more pumps = more velocity, but too much pumping can cause catastrophic failure and the gun may blow up. 01-09-15-02-Black-Ops-Junior-Sniper-air-rifle-combo-pump-extended.jpg (695×223)

Break Barrel:

A break barrel air rifle uses a cocking mechanism that connects the barrel to the receiver. When forcing the barrel down until a “click” is heard, you have cocked the weapon, then load the projectile into the barrel. when bringing the barrel back up into place, pull it up until the barrel lines up with the gun. point it at your target, and pull the trigger. Benjamin-Trail-NP-All-Weather-Break-Barrel-Air-Rifle-.22-powered-by-Nitro-Piston-View3.jpg (522×361)



When freestyling, I feel that when I’m rhyming, I try to connect the beat and the words with perfect timing. But sometimes that doesn’t always work, its not a big deal, I just feel like someone walked away with my big kids meal. But to do this you need a vocabulary, and a beat even though that’s the very thing you will need to proceed. Starting off with your first line, it may be hard to think, but when you start to speak, at first it may be hard to breathe. To get the skill of keeping it real, or telling somebody how you feel when you first get it IS a big deal. It takes talent to do that, or to prove that to someone else, you actually know what you’re saying and how to rap. Because its not the easiest form of communication, you can say things without people knowin’ that you just playin’. And they freak out, and they don’t know what to think, like washing my hands in the toilet, and blowin’ my nose in the sink. So when you walk up to the mic, and you go to just speak, think about how you’re going to connect all your flows with your beat. And when you get that, you can take a chill pill and just sit back and relax and put on your headphones and play the beat back.

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To get the skill of writing rhymes.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, not only because it can be a way to tell a story, but because it can be a way to release your inner-self. The first time I heard a rap, it was “Insane in the membrane” By the famous Hispanic rap group Cypress Hill. Now to let you in on a secret, I was 5 at the time so I found this quite funny. Growing up as a young kid, into my pre-teen years I had always wondered how they could come up with lyrics like that.

Then one day I was sitting on the bus next to my friend Kade Robinson, and he showed me a song that would change the way I thought about rap. Mockingbird by Marshall Mathers was the most creative piece I had heard yet. Everything flowed together, the beat, the lyrics and the meaning behind it. I had never heard of Eminem before which surprised me because he was one of the biggest stars in rap at the time. On the way home I thought to myself:

“Now what’s so hard about writing rhymes?”

But its not rhyming that is difficult, it’s telling a story with it. To make sense and rhyme while telling a story and possibly being humorous at the same time, is a talent. When I first rhymed and tried to speak it, I sounded horrible. The first rhyme I wrote didn’t make sense either. But when I started writing more, I was able to start to put things together, almost like legos. You’ve got all of these pieces that are scattered around and you have no idea how put them together, yet the four year old right next to you is building a spaceship. Which goes to serve my point, with practice comes experience. No matter what the age.

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